Reviews of Published E-Books

There are already several journals in the humanities that review electronic projects; and even some commercial media, like The New York Times, have initiated reviews of electronic sites and individual projects. The History E-Book Project, however, intends to expand the possibilities for reviews of monographs in history. The History E-Book Project has already initiated contacts among its own participating authors to suggest possible e-book reviewers for the participating presses and has maintained discussions on general principles with The American Historical Review and with the American Association for History and Computing to set standards for compiling and reviewing history e-books. ACLS will work with all five participating Learned Societies to establish standards and guidelines for submitting e-books for review in the societies' own prestigious journals. Without these guidelines and standards publishers will not know what to send, and editors will not know what they have received, and so they will not know how to select reviewers for projects. Once the project develops standards, review editors can develop a list of possible reviewers in various areas to review electronic books, and these reviews will begin to appear alongside reviews of print books on a regular basis.

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Revised 1/16/2001