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Contractual Arrangements

Overview: The E-Book vs the Traditional Print Book

In general, an author contracts with a publisher for the publication of a book, in both hardcover and paperback. Usually for scholarly works, the publisher exercises the hardcover rights, and if a book proves to be very successful, and there appears to be a considerable demand for the title, the publisher will either exercise the paperback rights itself, or in some cases, sublicense these rights to another publisher.

There are, however additional rights beyond the hardcover and paperback rights, and in the new electronic publishing environment, the most important of these rights are the electronic rights. The author who contracts to grant his or her publisher control of all the rights, including the electronic rights, allows the publisher—for the duration of the contract—to either pursue electronic publication itself, or sublicense these rights to another venture, in this case ACLS.

General Terms

The ACLS, through the History E-Book Project, is acting as an electronic co-publisher and will contract with a sponsoring publisher to sublicense electronic rights to viable e-book titles. These contracts are on a title-by-title basis, and in exchange for the electronic rights, the ACLS will pay a licensing fee to the publisher. In addition, ACLS will pay the publisher a materials fee for each title, based on a sliding scale dependent upon the complexity of the book and the compliance of the electronic files to the standards set by the Project Center. Thus, the terms of each contract vary depending on whether the sponsoring publisher is preparing a print version, on the degree to which the author and/or the press has enhanced the basic electronic files with proper tagging and other coding information needed for the electronic version, and on the quality of the project.


ACLS also pays each publisher a royalty for each title based on the electronic usage or "hits." This usage is monitored by DLPS. Publishers are paid 50% of the total of revenues actually realized by ACLS from subscriptions to the ACLS History E-Book Project, multiplied by a fraction, the numerator of which is the total of page views, downloads, or other digital access of the Work by subscribers (collectively "Hits"), and the denominator of which is the total number of Hits by all subscribers of all works in the ACLS History E-Book Project for the same period. Royalties are paid semiannually at the end of the third month following the end of the royalty period.

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