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The History E-Book Project Center

The Project Center is located at the offices of the ACLS in New York City.

The ACLS History E-Book Project
American Council of Learned Societies
633 Third Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, New York 10017-6795
Fax: 212-949-8058

Eileen Gardiner, Project Director
Tel: 212-697-1505, ext. 152
212-838-0641 (direct)

Nina Gielen, Editor for Digital Content and Production
Tel: 212-697-1505, ext. 153
646-485-5953 (direct)

Ronald G. Musto, Project Director
Tel: 212-697-1505, ext. 152
212-838-0641 (direct)

Linda A. Zerella, Title Development Editor
Tel: 212-697-1505, ext. 148
646-485-5948 (direct)

Members of the center staff keep abreast of recent developments and trends in electronic publishing in order to insure that the Project as a whole takes advantage of the most efficient and up-to-date authoring, editing, production, and distribution technologies as they become available and cost-effective. With the Scholarly Publishing Office at the University of Michigan (SPO) it is creating e-book standards and style guidelines for both authors and participating presses. This technical and style information is made available through this project support web site and through direct consultations with the Project Directors and staff at the Project Center.

Once the electronic manuscript has been completed according to the standards of the History E-Book Project, the electronic files that have been prepared and tagged by the participating University Presses are then transmitted to the Project Center. Here they are stored on a server while the staff at the Project Center reviews the electronic files carefully to make sure all elements are complete and that all tagging and other coding has been done correctly and according to the standards of the History E-Book Project. With the approval of the sponsoring press, the center then submits the electronic titles to SPO for publication.

The Project Center also gathers all physical copies of titles for digitization, searches for out-of-print and rare copies, and arranges with libraries for special scanning of rare copies. It manages rights issues, including contracts, acquisitions, and print copy review, before books are sent to SPO for processing.

The Project Center has also coordinated and launched a print-on-demand (POD) series including nearly 300 titles. These will be available in a wide variety of formats through either SPO or Lightning Source in early 2005.

The Project Center manages library subscription contracts, tracks usage statistics, provides support for subscribers, information to potential subscribers, and royalty payments to publishers and other copyright holders. It also provides meeting facilities for author conferences and presentations of the Project, and advises both ACLS and its constituent learned societies on issues and trends in scholarly communication.

rev. 5/18/05

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The ACLS History E-Book Project
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