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Monitoring Access

The History E-Book Project employs an authentication approach that allows access to all users on the campus or off-campus. Without authentication, even the most straightforward access schemes exclude legitimate members of the campus community and run the risk of jeopardizing the site license for both libraries and publishers.

While electronic libraries use a variety of mechanical proxies, application proxies, and credential-based approaches, the History E-Book Project employs an approach similar to that already used successfully by JSTOR, OCLC, and other services and one that is also fully within the technical capabilities of DLPS/SPO: proxy/credential hybrid access. While approaches to authentication will vary and evolve, use of such hybrids will allow campuses to avoid the cost of managing certificates. In addition, apart from having to enter a user name and password, the access schemes adopted will be invisible to the end user and have low overhead. Resource requirements will be more modest, and there will be less degradation of performance.

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