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The Organization of American Historians (OAH)

The Organization of American Historians
112 North Bryan Avenue
Bloomington, Indiana 47448-4199
Tel: 812-855-7311, Fax: 812-855-0696


General Information

The OAH is the largest learned society devoted to the study of American history. Since its founding in 1907 as the Mississippi Valley Historical Society, the OAH has continued its mission to promote the investigation, study, and teaching of American history. In 1965 the members agreed to change its name to the Organization of American Historians. The Mississippi Valley Historical Review became The Journal of American History. Today, the OAH staff serve a membership of 12,000 professionals and scholars from around the world interested in the American past.


Quarterly publications include the Journal of American History, the OAH Newsletter, and The Magazine of History, which includes informative articles, lesson plans, current historiography, and reproducible classroom materials on a particular theme. The quarterly OAH Newsletter carries articles and essays on any topic pertaining to American history and professional historians and teachers.

Electronic Publications

OAH's new electronic Journal of American History, which made its debut at the OAH annual meeting in St. Louis at the end of March, can be read at The OAH Online Membership Directory is available to current OAH members, is completely searchable, and includes name, address, e-mail, and areas of scholarly interest. The Organization also offers listings of job opportunities on the World Wide Web.

Project Liaison
Prof. Ramón A. Gutiérrez

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