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ACLS History E-Book Project Press Release—July 2006

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ACLS and Rutgers University Press Expand E-Monograph Tools

The ACLS History E-Book Project (HEB) and Rutgers University Press are pleased to announce the cooperative publication of two new electronic titles that bring sound and video into the electronic monograph. Through HEB the Press has issued e-versions of Fred Nadis, Wonder Shows: Science, Religion, and Magic on the American Stage, and Krystyn Moon, Yellowface: Creating the Chinese in American Popular Music, 1850s-1920s. The first incorporates several short films that document the American fascination with the wonders of science and technology. The second uses a series of complete musical performances that accompany the sheet music and analysis. Both titles include standard HEB features such as complete cross-searchability, robust XML text and annotation, enhanced image handling, related historiography and online reviews that create an interoperable network of scholarship and its analysis.

For a list of HEB's open-source XML tools and features see Subscribers to HEB may access these complete e-books along with 1300 other titles currently in the collection.

According to HEB project directors Eileen Gardiner and Ron Musto, "Rutgers' achievement in this regard demonstrates how a university press, working collaboratively, can incorporate even the most robust electronic features into a standard and predictable workflow. ACLS congratulates Press Director Marlie Wasserman and her staff for this breakthrough. We also thank the Scholarly Publishing Office at the University of Michigan Library for its collaboration on the R&D; for these titles."

According to Wasserman, "Thanks to hard work by authors, the Press staff, and ACLS, as well as innovative technology, readers can now experience our books with imaginative and captivating enhancements we once never thought possible."

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