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ACLS History E-Book Project Press Release—September 2003

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ACLS History E-Book Project Revised Support Site Reflects Experience of First Year Online

The ACLS History E-Book Project marked its first year online with a substantially revised support website. The revised site, located at, documents knowledge gained in the first year of the Project’s online existence and reflects a greater awareness of the e-book’s role in the changing world of historical scholarship.

The Project officially launched last year with over 500 titles in history chosen by historians for their continued relevance to the field; this month a second round of 275 books will be added to the collection. Over 160 institutions ranging from Ivy League universities to high schools have already subscribed, putting the Project well on its way to its stated goal of 200 subscribers. Lists of current and forthcoming titles as well as a list of subscribers are available on the revised site.

Also of note, a new Copyright and Fair Use page summarizes the results of several years’ experience acquiring electronic rights and developing consistent practice in this emerging publishing environment. The page provides links of interest to authors, learned societies, and others invested in both general copyright issues and in those pertaining specifically to e-books. (

Even as the Project has been collecting books and selling subscriptions, the scholarly world has noted a marked change in the importance of the monograph due to recent developments in scholarly communication, the economics of university press publishing, and the re-emerging role of scholarly societies as publishers. The revised site reflects a new understanding of the e-book’s importance in the dissemination of scholarship in light of this change. Many historians, seeing a more effective means of sharing their work, are eager to take advantage of the new technology offered by the ACLS History E-Book Project. This year the first of the frontlist titles appeared, paving the way for the increasingly sophisticated “born digital” books already in the works for 2004. A new frontlist features page outlines the range of technology now at the disposal of historians, including zoomable image viewers, video and audio clips, and interactive maps and timelines. (

To suggest new titles, please contact Project Directors Eileen Gardiner ( and Ronald G. Musto ( For previously published titles or to suggest materials on the site’s fair-use and copyright page, please contact Linda Zerella ( For information on subscriptions, contact Ginny Wiehardt, Managing Editor for Library Relations (

rev. 12/3/03

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