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ACLS History E-Book Project Press Release—October 2003

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White Paper on E-Book Technology and Production Live on ACLS History E-Book Project Website

This week the ACLS History E-Book Project (HEB) announced the online publication of a new white paper by Nancy Lin, Electronic Publishing Specialist, entitled, “Report on Technology Development and Production Workflow for XML Encoded E-Books.” The white paper documents in easily accessible terms the technical information and production processes behind the Project’s new frontlist titles.

While backlist titles use scanned images to allow for the cost-efficient publication of large groups of books at a time, the frontlist titles aim to use more robust and flexible technology to push beyond the simple digitization of the print book—to explore the limits of what an e-book can do. In order to accomplish this, the Project first had to create a process for developing new titles that was both cost-efficient and sustainable. By establishing a standardized workflow and a predictable schedule, the Project has done just that. For this reason, the white paper represents an accomplishment perhaps as great as any single title the Project will publish.

In making the white paper public, HEB hopes others will build on the Project’s innovations. Toward this end, the paper covers a range of topics including the reasons for using XML, details of e-book features and functions, costs of production, and innovative solutions for citation, structure, and navigation of online books. The ACLS History E-Book Project has garnered this experience by working on over 25 e-books with its group of participating university presses

The white paper is available either as a PDF or in HTML:

For PDF version:
For HTML version:

For questions or comments on this white paper, contact Nancy Lin, Electronic Publishing Specialist, at To suggest new electronic titles, please contact Project Directors Eileen Gardiner ( and Ronald G. Musto ( For information on subscriptions, contact Ginny Wiehardt, Managing Editor for Library Relations (

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