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Publication of the History E-Book

The Subscribing Libraries

The long-term success of the History E-Book Project is closely tied to its availability. The History E-Book website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through university and college libraries and through major public research libraries. It is now also being made available through consortia to local and community libraries throughout the United States and the world, as well as to secondary schools, both for its content and its usefulness as a research-skills tool. Beyond this, as the History E-Book Project library grows, it is also becoming available to individuals through their learned societies for reasonable additional fees. The AHA and the RSA are the first societies to implement this feature.

The History E-Book Website

The History E-Book Project is available to entire campuses, not just to workstations at the library. Using any World Wide Web browser (such as Netscape Communicator, Internet Explorer, or Safari), faculty, students, staff, and library patrons of subscribing institutions can view and search the History E-Book digital library from campus offices, libraries, dorms, remotely off campus, and through course reserve.

The History E-Book Project allows users to perform keyword and Boolean searches, search full text across all titles in the database, in selected titles, or in a single title, by author and title as well as by Library of Congress subject headings for highly accurate results. Users may also search important book reviews. Search engines allow readers to find text and graphics, and to perform complex string searches for names, dates, phrases, or concepts in great depth and context.

The History E-Book Project offers a user-friendly interface that features quick and easy Internet access, full-text designed for comfortable on-screen reading, hypertext links for efficient navigation among text, bibliographies, citations, endnotes, and appendices.

History E-Book Project titles appear exactly as in the original editions for ease of reference and citation. New XML titles are enhanced with hypertext links and search features, some with direct links to web-based digital archives of appropriate source materials so that the reader can access many of the original source materials used by the author; and some titles feature enhanced illustrations, graphs, charts, maps, and other visual materials, often in full color, as well as video, sound, and music in appropriate titles. Illustrations in certain titles may also be viewed, searched, and sorted through special viewing software housed at DLPS.

The History E-Book Project is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A full campus subscription to the History E-Book Project includes access from any Internet-connected location on campus, unlimited use, and remote access from home or on the road via the campus network, without simultaneous user restrictions.

Usage statistics by title are tracked by DLPS and reported to participating libraries and the History E-Book Project, which shares these statistics with publishers and authors when reporting royalties. Fair-use rights and restrictions apply to printing and downloading.

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