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The ACLS History E-Book has worked with both university presses and other publishers or scholarly and academic books to build the Backlist for the History E-Book Project. The ten Participating Publishers, who also will be contributing frontlist books, include:

Columbia University Press

Harvard University Press

Johns Hopkins University Press

The MIT Press

New York University Press

Oxford University Press

Rutgers University Press

University of California Press

University of Michigan Press

University of North Carolina Press

As of June 3, 2003 Other Contributing Publishers joining our list of backlist publishers include:

Academic Resources Corp.

Alfred A. Knopf

American Philosophical Society

American Oriental Society

Augustana College Library

Bibliotheca Islamica

Borthwick Institute of Historical Research

Cambridge University Press

Carl Hanser Verlag

Catholic University of America Press

Continuum Press

Cornell University Press

Dance Books

Dundurn Press

Duke University Press

Edinburgh University Press

Fordham University Press

Garnet Publishing, Ltd./Ithaca Press

Gill & Macmillan, Ltd.

Hambledon and London

Harvard Business School Press

Indiana University Press

Lawrence & Wishart

Little, Brown and Company

Louisiana State University Press

Lynne Rienner

Massachusetts Historical Society

McGill-Queen's University Press

Northeastern University Press

Oxford University Press UK

Oregon Historical Society Press

Organization of American Historians

Open University Press

Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies

Princeton University Press

Random House

Society of Biblical Literature


Stanford University Press

SUNY Press

University of Alabama Press

University of Chicago Press

University of Illinois Press

University of Minnesota Press

University of Nebraska Press

University of New Mexico Press

University of Notre Dame Press

University of Tennessee Press

University of Texas Press

University of Wisconsin Press

University Press of Virginia

U.S. Government Printing Office

Wesleyan University Press

Zone Books

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