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Review from Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (, February 2004, Vol. 41, No. 06

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History E-book Project. American Council of Learned Societies. Price varies—$300.00–$1,300.00 annual subscription; consortia pricing available.


Currently containing about 500 books in full text, History E-book Project plans to add 250 titles each year. The site claims that 275 titles were to be added in September 2003, but by the end of October 2003, these titles were not yet searchable in the database. Books to be included in the database are chosen by committees from the American Council of Learned Societies, then evaluated by a panel of experts. The full text of the books can be searched using Boolean and proximity searching as well as single keywords and phrases. Previous searches are stored and can be refined within a session. Citations can also be saved within a search session and searching limited to a chosen list of citations. Each of the books is accompanied by an interactive index. Each page of a book appears as an individual image file, so copying or pasting text is not possible and project software makes no provision for printing or downloading. MARC records for the books are available to be loaded to subscribing libraries’ OPACs. The collection is unique in that most of its titles do not appear to be available in electronic format elsewhere.

Summing up: Recommended. Academic libraries supporting history programs.

—M. Sylvia, St. Mary’s University

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