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In our attempt at creating an economically and intellectually viable model for the creation and distribution of electronic texts, the History E-Book Project is working to accomplish the following important tasks:


  • Encourage historians to discuss, plan, and write electronic books.

  • Encourage more scholarly presses to experiment with, to consider the issues involved in, and to develop in-house expertise for, electronic publishing.

  • Explore the new role of library publishing offices, institutes, and learned societies in electronic publishing.

  • Streamline production processes and reduce costs for e-books.

  • Develop an infrastructure that considers the importance of archiving scholarly texts for the long term.

  • Ensure that the recent emergence of large commercial e-publishers does not take undue control of the intellectual assets of the scholarly community and further restrict the fair-use environment of scholarly communication.

  • Work closely with scholarly journals and learned societies to insure that electronic history works are reviewed and promoted properly for the scholarly community.

  • Encourage libraries to purchase and make widely available historical works of high quality within their emerging electronic collections.

  • Actively encourage the acceptance of electronic history within the historical profession for the purposes of hiring, tenure, promotion, and related professional concerns.

  • Assess the role of electronic publishing in the changing environment of scholarly communication.


Phenomenal changes in technology are now upon us; and new infrastructure and standards are being developed. These changes in technology coincide—and may share a causal inter-relationship—with profound changes in the nature of scholarly communication in the historical profession. The form, length, subject matter, forms of argument, analysis, and authorship of historical works are undergoing a profound reevaluation. Electronic publishing—and the History E-Book Project's role in that—form only one part of this newly emerging environment.

rev. 8/12/03

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