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1. Search Terms in Results List[view]
2. Search Terms Highlighted in Text[view]
3. Text Chunkschapter [view], section [view], # of para.[view]
4. Paragraph Numbering[view]
5. Page Breaks from Print Book[view]
6. Notes in Pop-up Window[view] click on note number in brackets
7. List of Illustrations[view]
8. Pop-up of Larger ImageIn-line [view], separate section[view]
9. Zoomable Image Viewer[view]
10. Color ImagesTo Come
11. Increased Number of ImagesTo Come
12. Links: Internal, Paragraph to Paragraph[view]
13. Links: Internal, Index to Text[view]
14. Links: Internal, Text to Figures, TablesTo Come
15. Links: External, Web Sites[view]
16. Links: External, Image ResourcesTo Come
17. Links: External, Other HEB E-BooksTo Come
18. Supplemental Text / ImagesTo Come
19. Related Titles - Pop-up Window[view] click on "Related Titles" in nav bar
20. Related Titles - Page Image Format[view]
21. Sound and Video ClipsTo Come
22. Interactive Maps and TimelinesTo Come

Feature Description Sample Link

Search Terms in Results List

Search terms are highlighted in red in search results list. To help identify relevance of hit, highlighted terms appear in context with 100 characters before and after the term. [view]

Search Terms Highlighted in Text

Search terms are highlighted in red on the text page. When you click an item in a search results list, you are taken to the section of text which contains the matched terms. The highlighted terms help you quickly identify where the search terms appear within the text. [view]
 Text Chunks:

Text Chunks

The text of each book is broken down and delivered in chunks by chapter, section, or paragraph range, according to the publisher's request. Delivering only portions of each book at a time to users enables us to track hits for usage and royalty purposes.

For future books developed with multiple formats from the outset or born digital, text can be structured with shorter, more modular units which are better suited for on-line use.

By Chapter: [view]

By Section: [view]

By Number of Paragraphs: [view]

 Paragraph Numbering / Page Breaks:

Paragraph Numbering

Paragraphs are numbered sequentially from beginning to end of text. The paragraph-number ranges for each text chunk appear in brackets after each link in the TOC. In the e-book, the paragraph numbers appear in gray to the left of each paragraph. These paragraph numbers will take the place of page numbers in born-digital books and can be used for scholarly citation. [view]

Page Breaks from Print Book

For books also published in print, the page breaks from the print version are included within the text for reference, e.g. [Page 4]. [view]

Notes in Pop-up Window

If you click on a note reference number, the note text will appear in a pop-up box. The entire notes section can also be accessed through the TOC or from a link in the note pop-up box. [view]

List of Illustrations

The list of illustrations includes a list of all figures and hyperlinks to where each figure appears within the text. [view]

Pop-up of Larger Image

If you click on an image within a book, a pop-up window with a larger image appears. Images can appear interspersed within the text or in a separate section.

In-line: [view]

Section (Plates): [view]


Zoomable Image Viewer

The Image Viewer feature allows users to zoom in on and pan across images. The image viewer is used in books that contain images with high resolution images. [view]

Color Images

Simple color images appear in JPEG format. High resolution images can be viewed with the Image Viewer which uses SID compressed files created from high resolution TIFF files. To Come

Increased Number of Images

Some e-books contain additional images not included in the print book. Many born-digital titles include a large number of color images. To Come

Internal, Paragraph to Paragraph

Text in any paragraph can be linked to text in another paragraph anywhere in the book. [view]

Internal, Index to Text

Page and note numbers in the index are linked to a page in the text or a note pop-up box. As we bring born-digital books online the index can link to paragraph numbers or be replaced by our robust search engine. [view]

Internal, Text to Figures, Tables

Text can be linked to any figure or table within the book. To Come

External, Web Sites and Scholarly Resources

Text can be linked to any external web site or scholarly resource such as an image or transcription database, archive, journal article, e-book, etc. [view]

External, Image Resources

Images can be linked to external image resources maintained by an author or third party. Linking to images on an external site might be used if an author or institution wants to provide additional resources such as Luna's InSight software or when a third party wishes to maintain high resolution files on a local server for copyright control and maintenance. To Come

External, Other HEB E-Books

Text can be linked other e-books in the HEB collection. To Come
 Supplemental or Archival Material:

Supplemental Text / Images

Supplemental material such as translations, additional text and images, etc. can be added. To Come
 Related Titles:

Related Titles - Pop-up Window

Related Titles lists 10-15 titles of related historiography suggested by the author. Titles that are available on-line in the HEB collection are hyperlinked in this list. To view list click on the "Related Titles" button in the navigation bar on the Title Record page. [view]

Related Titles - Page Image Format

Backlist books are delivered in scanned page image format. [view]
 Multi-Media and Interactive Images:

Sound and Video Clips

Sound and video files can be included using several standard formats. To Come

Interactive Maps and Timelines

Interactive images can be created using several web standards. To Come

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